Bringing choice and dignity into care settings.

Proudly independent and Australian-owned, I've watched and listened to frustrated and anxious residents in aged care. So I created a new garment, specifically designed to provide privacy and maintain dignity during bathing and toileting routines.

Here's my story

Hello there, I'm Marita – the founder of CoverMe

I have been managing aged care facilities for 22 years. In that role I strive to instil an individual approach to every resident and lead by example that we are kind, caring and respectful as nurses.

I began my CoverMe journey about 5 years ago, when I entered a resident’s room (after knocking) to find the resident uncovered whilst being sponged following an episode of incontinence.  The staff were focussed upon the task at hand and did not “see” the resident; lying naked and exposed. I remember feeling shocked at the sight and saddened for the resident who I knew well.

That first experience haunted me, and I sadly found other instances where kind, caring and respectful staff were not ensuring residents are covered during intimate personal care.

  • A resident sponged during palliative care completely naked upon the bed as staff very carefully sponged her
  • The resident with dementia who wanted to hit and punch staff while waiting for the shower – waiting whilst totally naked
  • The female resident looking anxious and uncomfortable waiting for her sponge naked – at this home we were gender neutral and male carers were assisting her with her personal hygiene

I too was witness to my owns father’s experience, John.  John had MS which progressed to him needing full assistance with all cares. His diary confirms his frustration and his capital letters indicate his aggression toward staff during those cares. I do believe staff were kind, caring and respectful to John yet there was a disjuncture between what John’s expectations were and how staff cared for him during those intimate moments.

I listened and read the royal commission recommendations into aged care where consumers choice and dignity were central themes. Aged Care facilities all have excellent policies in regard to Choice and Dignity, however anecdotally they fall over during “hands on” intimate care.  Until policies and procedures align with direct “hands on” care; there had to be a better way.

So I created CoverMe, for John and others just like him. It's also for John's nurses and carers, who need the tools to provide privacy during intimate care.

I believe a simple, fit for purpose garment can make all the difference. I've seen how our early prototype settled those residents with dementia, heightens the respect for those palliating and relieved the female resident’s anxiety when a male carer was undertaking her cares - she will now allow male carers so long as they use CoverMe.  It has become an item which residents rely on to protect their privacy and reminds care givers to use before the bathing and toileting routines. We believe CoverMe should be a choice available to anyone in any care setting.

So that is our story, we're here to support you, and together we can deliver privacy with personal care.

Marita, Founder of CoverMe.

How it works

Try or buy online.

You can start by trying or buying a CoverMe online. We'll post your very own fit for purpose, natural cotton CoverMe garment directly to you.

Start using.

Your CoverMe comes with simple instructions for facilities and care givers to ensure it is used and adopted during bathing and toileting routines.

Rinse and repeat.

After use, it is simply washed. In care settings it can be washed with facilities linens. We specifically use high quality Australian cotton to ensure it handles regular washing within industrial machines.